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  DataExam, LLC is a Michigan Licensed Professional Investigator Agency specializing in digital forensics for civil, criminal, and family matters. Computer forensics, digital forensics, independent analysis, electronic discovery, consulting, and testimony are services rendered by DataExam, LLC.

   Independent computer data analysis is becoming more and more crucial in the legal realm. We provide digital forensic services to help answer questions and discover the truth about data. Our examinations are professionally completed by a certified computer examiner. We have performed examinations for civil and criminal cases.   These are some of the questions we can help answer about computer evidence: 

  • What files are / were on the computer media?
  • Where are particular files located?
  • What kinds of activity did particular users engage in?
  • What internet sites were visited? When?
  • What internet searches were conducted? When? 
  • What happened on a particular day / time frame (time line)? 
  • What users created / modified particular documents (metadata)?
  • What emails exist on the media?


     Data is treated and presented in a logical way that may be used in court. Our computer evidence specialists can give expert testimony at the conclusion of an examination if necessary. Attorneys, get your questions answered regarding the digital evidence in your cases by a certified professional!  Adam Kelly and Mark McKinnon have qualified as experts in the preservation, extraction, analysis, and presentation of digital media ( computer forensics ) by numerous Courts.